Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


1. Hi. My name is Emily.

Hello. My name is Emily. I have people call me Jess because I hate the name Emily. I'm in depression. I cut, I'm tried to kill myself twice and I'm Emo when my mom doesn't notice. I've lost a lot of blood from cuts and I hope I die. I have blue and white streaks in my black long strait hair. I am single. I only wear black, red, and dark blue and purple. I'm super skinny and I hate it. I live in London. My mum and dad seperated when I was 5 and I stayed in London with my mum. If I had the choice is stay. But my dad took my big bro and my baby sis. I'm left with my twin brother. My big brother's name is Marlin. My sister's name is Precilla my baby brother's name is Shawn and my twin's name is Wendle but we call him Wen. My baby brother is 3 months my little sis is 10 me and my twin are 18. I take my rage out on myself and my brother makes fun of me for it. I cut. I carved today my name. I love to cut. It makes me feel good. The blood comes out and the happiness goes in. Nobody stops me. Untill I grab my leash. There's a tree outside. I put my leash on my neck and I climb. Hoping I get cut on the way. I pray and I sit up for a while. Then I hang on my hands. Then I let go. I choke at first then I get happy. Then Wen just HAS to help. I hate my life. Today I was walking and I hear screaming girls and I see a black SUV. I think about what the crap is going on. Then a figure comes at me and then I have a black out moment.
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