Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


25. Happy ever after....

A/N~hey guys. Last chapter!! AHHH!!! So I'm thinking about doing a sequel... What do you guys think??? I think this chapter will be short. Sorry for te inconvenience. |~|~|~|

So, we have Annabella Jo Horan and Michael Lee Horan. We also have a Niall James Horan and an Emily/Jess Marrison Horan. Yes. We got married and honeymooned in Hawaii. We are now 21. Life is good. The kids can talk well. We have 2 HEALTHY 2-year-olds. And curly-q is dating someone named Tessica. We call her Tess or Tessy. Liam is dating my cousin Jaydalyn. We call her Jade or Jay. So Zayn is with Perrie and Lou with El. They both are adorable couples. Lou n El are married like me and Ni. Life is amazing. Everything is perfect. Just as it should be.

A/N~DON'T SKIP!!! Hey you guys!!! I want a co author. So. Whoever wants to help write the sequel. Tell me a Movella of yours to read and I'll decide the winner. You also have to fan me {duh. The only way I can invite you to write...} so thanks. Telleth me!!!
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