Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


23. Fuck.

So, me and Ni-Bug have been together for a LONG time. And thank the Lord. So we all are celebrating the 6 months!! We're going clubbing though. I haven't been clubbing since I was 15. I snuck in. Then got caught. So I ran. For a while. So we're going to the C&B (real creative name. It stands for ‘Club & Bar’) so I am wearing a tight sparkly dress with a small fishnet train. The dress only goes to my mid-theigh and the train goes to my knees. I walk out and guess who's there? Harold Edward Milward Styles. (His second middle name a squeezed out of him. Haha.). So he wolf hollars. I laugh and move on. I see Niall. He looks sexy. He was casual. Polo shirt and khakis. I say,"Niall. What are you wearing??" he simply replies,"They're called clothes." so I laughed and moved on. Ni is driving. I'm in the passenger seat. All the boys are in the back. We arrive and I am pumped. I love to dance. As soon as we get out I'm grabbing Niall's arm and were on the dance floor. Payphone bye Maroon 5 was on. Funny thing is. It's our song. I don't remember how it became our song. It just is. So he left for a second so I'm dancing alone. 10 minutes later I find hands on my waist. So I turn and I don't know this Manbitch. So I slap him and I find Niall at the bar. So I walk over and say,"What the fuck is wrong with you. Some creep tried to dirty-dance with me. " I complained. He just offered me a shot as an apology. I took the apology. And as it stung my throat I noticed Harry. He is with some girl that looks... Vaugly... Familiar. Can't put my finger on her. So I just say,"Seems Harry found a mate." He just laughed. Me and Niall got a little tipsy and Leeyum thought we should go home. Harry brought his friend. El and Perrie came. I miss Dani. I hate to say it. When me and Niall got home we had some fun. A lot. Liam's room is below us. I feel bad for him. We got very tired. And as mine and Ni's breathing slowed. We drifted into slimbah... ~•~NEXT DAY~•~ Me and Niall went downstairs to discover a sleepy Liam. "Have fun? I didn't."He said. We laughed since I'm sobered out now I can actually see. Witch means I could see what bitch that dickhead Harry brought home. They walk down and I tackle her. "YOU ARE A BITCH." I yelled at her and slapped her. I know who she was. Vhicktoria L'Araina McDonnel. The bitch that caused my depression. Harry thought I was jealous. Think agin, dickhead. "What was tht all about?" Niall asked pulling me away. "She started IT." "No. You tackled her." he stated. "NOT THAT!"I explained pissed,"This." I said pointing to my wrist."She started it all." Everybody but Niall n me were confused. "She started your 'D' word?"He asked. I nodded. "What the hell is going on?!?!" Harry asked. "I'LL TELL YA WHAT'S GOING ON!"I started walking twards that cunt."SHE STARTED MY DEPRESSION. HELL. SHE KILED MY SISTER BECAUSE MY SIS WAS PRETTIER AND MORE POPULAR. SHE'S AN EGO MANIAC. SHE STOLE THE ONLY GUY I LOVED IN THE 7 TH GRADE. SHE ALWAYS HATED ME BECAUSE I WAS AND NEVER WILL BE LIKE HER. She watched me burn."I calmed down a little,"She watched me cry. She watche me cut. She watched me die. She WAS my friend. But then her crush asked me out. He didn't like her because she was very perfect. He liked me. He LOVED ME. BUT YOU TOOK MY HAPPINESS. BECAUSE YOU WERE A JEALOUS BITCH!! AND-" "I think we heard enough." "Let me say this." everyone was silent."Vhicktoria L'Araina McDonnel. You ruined my life."With that I storme out. Niall after me. My last word to her would be fuck.
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