Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


10. Found You ∞ The Move

"He hides people in this one spot..." I started, "YEP! Check under the bed. They're probobally there,"

What do you know?? They're there. Under Derek's bed. Tied up. In rope. Derek is so immature. I hate that.

"Harry! Zayn!! Lou!!! Liam!!!! Are y'all ok?!?!" I questioned.

"Mmphumphsckum," Oh. They had ducktape over their mouths.

"Be right back. I'm gonna get them down..." I said.

I crawled under the bed and said, "alright, Haz, this is going to hurt a bit..." I ripped the tape off his mouth and he screamed a little bit, "shhhhh, shhhhh... NIALL!!!!! My pocket knife is on the nightstand. He keeps my pocketknife. Can u grab it?"

Niall got my pocket knife.

"Alrught Haz. I'm gonna get you down. If I start to cut you then just yell," I started cutting the rope and Harry fell right on top of me, "Not a smart idea to lay under you because you just crushed me,"

I did the same to the other boys. Even broke their fall. Now. Time for the move. :0

I got on the buss and was told by Liam I will be sharing a room with the girls. Yay. I'm bunking with Dani. So I'm moved in... And then Niall said he had to tell me something...
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