Depression and One Direction

When Emily Morrison lives her life in London thing get Heated and then a few angels come to her rescue.


9. 30 Minutes and the LPD

Ok. So we have 30 minutes. That's not enough time. I only have time to pack 5 outfits and my make-up, hair stuff, medicine, and all the bathroom stuff I need. I hope it'll last until I shop. They have no stores like "Hot Topic" in America. I got sent stuff from that store. All they have is girly crap. Guess I'll have to settle.

" Are you done yet Emily?" I love Niall's winey voice.

"I'm done. And I have people call me Jess," I said.

"Ok. Let's go... Jess..." I love it when Niall says 'Jess'.

So we're on our way out and Niall grabs me and pulls me to the side and says, "Jess, what's Derek doing to Sarah?"

"Shit," I said with a plain face, "Why haven't the cops sho- Where's the rest of the boys?!" I said that worried.

"I dont know. But if I don't come back. Tell my mom I love her," Niall you are so weird.

While Niall was looking for them and bumped into Derek. While I was calling the police.

"Where do you think you're going, son?" Derek questioned

"To find my friends," Niall said. I face palmed myself.


"BETTER RUN QUICK DEREK!!" Sarah yelled.

The doorbell rang.

"I'LL GET IT," Niall said.

"Hello. We're from LPD. The London Police Department. We had a young girl call in. What's the problem?" the policeman said

"HI! I-IM RIGHT HERE!! I-I'm right here," I said.

"Ma'am what was going on 'round here?" he asked.

"Well my so-called dad-he adopted me-was beating my mom and my friends. I don't know where my friends are I'm moving in with these guys," I hit Niall in the chest, "him and his four friends. His four friends we don't know where Derek put them and when I first came in here he had a beer in his hand and then he almost beat my friend here," I again hit Niall in the chest, "and I've been going through this beating and that so I started to cut," I showed him my wrist, "and I turned Emo," I motioned down my body, "and I'm scared of coming home and if I don't come home I get scared he'll beat me more. It's hell on earth down here. So, help?"

"Well. Looks like Derek's going to the 'big house' and before that he's gonna tell us where your friends are," he said.

"NEVER!" I heard a faint yell.


"I think I have an idea where they are," I said.

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