Subtle Signals

Jillian was once just a One Direction fan. Then she became a fangirl.
Jillian's family is not doing very well financially, but they somehow scraped the money together to get her the best birthday present ever, and it led to something that is simply irreplaceable.
**This Movella is based on real events. When you see a line of asterisks (*) in the middle of the story, that means that up to that point, everything that had happened beforehand actually happened in MY real life. Enjoy :)**


5. Wake Up Call

-Jillian's POV: 6/16, concert day-

I woke up at 6 out of excitement. Today was the day. Tonight, I would see One Direction on stage, in the flesh, in concert. I looked around my room at the scattered posters and began to cry again. I came to the realization that in just over 12 hours, I would get to see those five people. I laid back down in bed and sobbed into my pillow. But they were happy tears. Tears of overwhelming joy and happiness that I'd never felt before.

I got up and threw on some sweats and a tee. I didn't bother doing my hair yet. I just brushed it quickly and threw it back in a long ponytail. I walked downstairs and made breakfast, and say down to eat and attacked tumblr and twitter.

Mom came downstairs and asked, "Where's your father?"
"He said he was going to go ride with the guys." I explained and showed her the text I had gotten from him earlier.
"Oh of course. So, you excited?"
"Do you even need to ask me that?"
"Oh, I guess not."

I spent the whole day watching the tour DVD over and over and over again. Once it was time, I went upstairs and changed into my concert attire: a homemade One Direction tee and some black skinnies. It was going to be cold tonight. I brushed my hair again and this time I actually tried to put my hair in a smooth, casual high pony. I put on a black headband and some eye makeup and grabbed my phone.
"MOOOOOOOOM!" I yelled from upstairs.
"Yes Jill?"
"I'm bringing my laptop in the car to watch the tour DVD again on the way up there okay?"
" But Jill you've already watched it 4 times today!"
"I don't care it's amazing and with another watch. Let's load up. I don't want to be late for One Direction!!"

I climbed in the car and started the movie yet again. By now, I had already memorized the order. My phone vibrated and played "What Makes You Beautiful (Acoustic)" to me. I picked up the phone.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" I screeched into my phone.
"about forty five minutes away. How about you?"
"Same. Meet by the fro yo?"
"yeah. Cool see you soon. Love ya!" I said and hung up.

I was on my way to see One Direction. My life was about to dramatically change.
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