Subtle Signals

Jillian was once just a One Direction fan. Then she became a fangirl.
Jillian's family is not doing very well financially, but they somehow scraped the money together to get her the best birthday present ever, and it led to something that is simply irreplaceable.
**This Movella is based on real events. When you see a line of asterisks (*) in the middle of the story, that means that up to that point, everything that had happened beforehand actually happened in MY real life. Enjoy :)**


4. Speechless at my Computer Screen

My mom got home a few minutes later with her checkbook in one hand and her phone in the other.

"Jill, Carly wants to Skype with you. She misses you." she said with a devious look on her face.

"All she ever talks about while we Skype is how she's going to that One Direction concert and then the Ed Sheeran one in October as how she's gonna meet Ed and he's going to introduce her to the boys an everything will be all hunky dory. An then she marries one of them and lives happily ever after like a Disney princess. The story never changes."

"Well, he has some news for you. I'd get on that computer and log on NOW if I were you."

I walked over to te computer and logged into my Skype. We chatted for a little bit and then Carly asked me if I was excited of my birthday.

"Of course I am! I'm glad it's so close now."

"Well, here's something else to be excited about. One of my friends that I was going to attend the concert with has fallen ill and I have an extra ticket. I'd love for you to accompany me at the One Direction concert."

I sat there, mouth agape, as tears formed in my eyes. I told myself to wake up, but Carly chimed in an said,
"This isn't a dream, Jill. I have your ticket. I have it right here and I'm going to meet you at the venue!"

I began to sob. I probably looked like an idiot but I didn't care. I was going to see One Direction in the flesh in les than two weeks. I had to be dreaming. This is way too good to be true. I couldn't believe it.

We spent the next two hours online finding videos and ringtones from other concerts and fangirling and such. I couldn't believe that I got to go to a One Direction concert, especially with the best cousin in the world!

I had no idea what was in store for that night- it was going to be the night of my life
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