Subtle Signals

Jillian was once just a One Direction fan. Then she became a fangirl.
Jillian's family is not doing very well financially, but they somehow scraped the money together to get her the best birthday present ever, and it led to something that is simply irreplaceable.
**This Movella is based on real events. When you see a line of asterisks (*) in the middle of the story, that means that up to that point, everything that had happened beforehand actually happened in MY real life. Enjoy :)**


9. Hotel Rooms and Quarrels

-Jillian's POV-

We arrived at the hotel to mobs of camera flashes and high-pitched screeches.  It looked like the concert all over again.

"Here, take my hand.  I don't want you getting lost in these girls." Harry said to me, and I obeyed.  He led me through the crowds and into the lobby, where security guards closed the doors behind the six of us.  We went up to the fifth floor and sat down in Harry's room.

"Now, gentlemen.  I know this is going to be rough, but we need to figure out bunking arrangements.  I think the easiest way to do this would be-" Liam was cut off by Harry, Niall, and Zayn.

"Wait! I have an idea!" Harry said.

"She should choose!" Zayn added.

"Is anyone else hungry?" Niall asked, trying to change the subject.

"BOYS! Let's settle this in a civilized manner, shall we?" Liam said.

"Can I say something, Liam?"

"Sure, Jill.  What is it?"

"I think that if the guys are fighting over this, I should just buy myself a room."

"Aw, but what's the fun in that, love?" Harry said, grinning at me, his green orbs filled with happiness.  I couldn't help but smile.

"Let's just do it this way.  The boys without girlfriends, if they want you to spend the night in their room, will raise their hands.  You get to choose out of the ones that raise their hands, okay?"

"Sounds fair.  Are you guys cool with that?"


"Sounds good!"

"Good idea Liam!"

"I just want food after."

"Okay then... 1, 2, 3!" Liam said, and then Zayn and Harry shot their hands up.  Niall's went up a little later, and slowly.

"Alright Jill, who do you want to spend the night with?"

"I don't know... but now that I know who I have to decide from, I think, if it's okay with you guys, I'll think about it for a few minutes?"

"Can't decide between us?  Why don't we do something else?" Harry said, a little anxious.

"Sure Harry.  What did you have in mind?"

Harry got up from our circle and came back with an empty root beer bottle.

"Anyone up for a little Spin the Bottle?"

Niall and Zayn suddenly got all tense, but Louis screamed out a big 'sure.'  Liam looked a bit apprehensive.

-Zayn's POV-

'I wonder if she did this on purpose... I hope something good ends up happening during this game...'

-Niall's POV-

'I wish she knew how beautiful she is!  I want to tell her, but I don't know why I can't work up the courage to... I'm Niall Horan, damnit.  She already loves me.  But what if she loves one of the other boys more...?'

-Harry's POV-

'Good.  Maybe I can score a smooch from her."

-Jillian's POV-

'I have no idea how I could ever choose.  It seems as though Niall is a little uncomfortable around me, and I wouldn't want him to be like that all night...' 

We played Spin the Bottle.  Harry ended up having to kiss Lou, then Liam had to do his best impression of Woody because he didn't want to kiss anyone.  It came to my turn to spin the bottle, and it landed on Zayn.  His eyes lit up a bit and out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry and Niall looking disappointed.  Poor guys.

Louis whistled and I leaned over towards Zayn, who was sitting exactly opposite from me.  He smiled and winked at me, and I leaned in.  It felt like fireworks.  He cradled my neck in his hand and returned the kiss, and it was honestly pure bliss.  It felt... right.

-Zayn's POV-

She kissed me sweetly, and I felt shivers go down my spine.  I put my hand on the back of her neck and kissed her back, and she smiled into my lips.  Harry let out a little whistle and she pulled away, blushing.  God, she was beautiful. 


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