Subtle Signals

Jillian was once just a One Direction fan. Then she became a fangirl.
Jillian's family is not doing very well financially, but they somehow scraped the money together to get her the best birthday present ever, and it led to something that is simply irreplaceable.
**This Movella is based on real events. When you see a line of asterisks (*) in the middle of the story, that means that up to that point, everything that had happened beforehand actually happened in MY real life. Enjoy :)**


8. Everything Happened So Fast... Part III

I had to help her.
I got up and walked over to her and took her into a hug from behind and whispered in her ear, "Would you rather not talk about it? It's fine if you-"
"I just really don't want to relive any of it, but I know that's what I have to go home to."
Louis chimed in. "I'd hate for you to have to go home to HIM... Why don't you stay the night at our hotel?"
"Oh, I couldn't intrude on you guys like that just because my dad's at home.."
"It's not an intrusion. I just invited you. Please just come spend the night."
"But I don't have any of my things-"
"It's fine- you can borrow some sweats from us and crash in one of our rooms. Please, just take the chance and get away from him for a night." I said to her. "Please."
"But my parents..."
"Here, hand me your phone." Harry said.
Jillian reluctantly unlocked her phone and handed it to Haz, who then called her mom.
"Hello, is this Mrs.- um..."
"Brazelton" she said.
"Mrs. Brazelton?"
"Yes- but who is this? Why do you have my daughter's phone?"
"This is Harry Styles of One Direction. Your daughter is backstage with me and the rest of the band and we wanted to know if it would be okay of she spent the night with us tonight because she said she was in a fight with her father and we want her to have a break. We had security guards everywhere and she's perfectly safe with us."
"How can I be sure this is actually Harry Styles?"
"Let's see... I'll sing What Makes You Beautiful with the lads!"
We then serenaded her mum- and Jillian said "It's really One Direction mom. Trust them. Trust me.
"Well, okay... But no monkey business Jillian."
"We'll be fine. Love you mom."
"Thank you, Mrs. Brazelton. Have a good evening."
Harry hung up an grinned at her.

-Jillian's POV-

Wow. I was staying the night at One Direction's hotel with them after I had just seen them in concert. How many fans can say that?

"Well? What are we waiting for? Let's shove off!" Louis exclaimed.

We piled into the tour bus and rode to the hotel.

"So, Jillian, why do you like to do?" Liam asked.
"I'm a competitive swimmer, but I used to do ballet."
I blushed. "It's not a big deal..."
Niall turned on the radio, and "Want U Back" by Cher came on.
I started singing, along with Harry and Zayn. After Harry realized I was singing, he stopped. I didn't notice, and kept singing. Zayn was still singing, but softly. The others were watching me.
I noticed them and stopped.
"Nothing. You just have... A really beautiful voice..." said Harry.
"Nobody's ever told me that before- and it means a lot coming from you, Harry! Thank you."
"Nobody? Really?" Niall asked.
"Really. I've taken choir for five years and nobody ever told me that."
"WOW. FIVE YEARS?" Louis almost yelled.
"Yeah. I love to sing, but I never thought I was any good."
"Well, you are, babe. Believe it." Zayn told me.
By then I was blushing like crazy. I legit looked like a cherry tomato.
In less than an hour, I had gone from the back balcony seat in a One Direction concert to going to their hotel to spen the night with not One Direction, but my five friends, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall. They were normal people. My friends. I didn't look at them as pop stars anymore. They were my friends and actually cared about me.
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