Subtle Signals

Jillian was once just a One Direction fan. Then she became a fangirl.
Jillian's family is not doing very well financially, but they somehow scraped the money together to get her the best birthday present ever, and it led to something that is simply irreplaceable.
**This Movella is based on real events. When you see a line of asterisks (*) in the middle of the story, that means that up to that point, everything that had happened beforehand actually happened in MY real life. Enjoy :)**


12. Chasing Cars

-still Zayn's POV-

There was a seemingly fresh slice on her forearm right down the outside of it.  It was partly scabbed and inflamed, raised from the rest of her tan skin.

"When did this happen?"

"Last night."


"I... I- I don't know.  I didn't have a great day."


"My friend got hit by a car..."

"Jillian, I am so sor-"

"It's fine."

"No it's not."

"I said it's fine.  Don't worry about it, okay?"

"How could I not worry about this?"

"Well, you just met me, and I guess it shouldn't be a huge deal for you."

"But I care."

"Thank you, but-"

"No buts."  She sighed and tears welled up in her eyes.   I pulled her into a hug and began to tear up again as well.   I guess the other guys heard the conversation, because they all came running into my room.

"What the hell happened?"  Niall exclaimed, running over to us.

"Zayn, put a shirt on." Louis ordered.

"Mate, you're crying!" Harry said, seeming shocked.

Liam just stood there, speechless.  Jillian pulled out of my embrace and covered her arm, sobbing into her hands.  Niall sat down on the bed with us, and the rest of the guys settled in around the bed.  I asked them why they had come over.  Niall finally spoke up.

"We had migrated to my room where I had a mini-fridge full of pints, and we heard the whole conversation through the wall.  We all got worried, so we came over."

"Makes sense." I said.  "And of course you wanted to move to wherever there was a six pack."

"Of course, mate.  That's what I do." he said with a childish grin.  He put his arm around Jillian and asked if she was okay.  Yeah, this boy's definitely tipsy.



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