Amelia Beacher is a average 17 year old girl and sadly her mother dies of cancer. Its a very sad time until until one day for what seems to be One Direction leaves Roses on Amelia's porch. What will happen with the relationship between One Direction and Amelia Beacher?


5. The Backyard Concert


        The next day Amelia woke up to find her father shaking her and yelling WAKE UP!!!!!  Amelia sat up half asleep.  Clearly her dad doesn't know how to wake up people.  

        "I'M UP!" Amelia yelled right in her father's ear.  

        "Thank you for yelling in my EAR!  Anyway there's this boy Liam waiting for you outside.  I'm assuming he's one of your friends. Dad replied with annoyance. Dad pretended not to know who Liam was.  "Well anyway he has something for you in the backyard."

         "He's here already?" Amelia thought to herself. "What does he want at 8 in the morning?"

          "Hurry up!" Dad called from the hall. 

          "I'M COMING!!!" Amelia screamed again.  "Man is he impatient." Amelia mumbled as she hopped out of bed. 

           Amelia opened the back porch door and stepped outside to feel warm ray of summer sun, and a wonderful morning breeze.  When Amelia looked toward her old rusted swing set she couldn't believe her eyes.  There was Liam and the rest of One Direction standing on a temporary stage.  

          "No....WAY!" she squealed.

          "Yes way." Liam said into the microphone. "This one is for Amelia Beacher, the birthday girl." Music began to play and Liam walked toward the center of the stage signing. 

          "I'm broken... do you hear me?"

          "One Direction is singing for me!" Amelia stared at them while they sang.  Liam walked down the steps and in front of Amelia.

           "When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight... it just don't feel right cause I can love you more than this..." Liam sang but was stared into Amelia's eyes.  He noticed that they twinkled as she stared back.  He felt hypnotize he loved Amelia, but he wasn't sure about her. "When he lays you down I might just die inside... it just don't feel right cause I can love you more than this... love you more than this." Liam turned around and headed back up to the stage.

           "So what do you want us to sing now?" Harry asked while all the boys stood on the stage.  

            "Can you guys sing Up All Night?" Amelia asked hopefully.

            "Are you kidding? We love to sing that song!" Niall exclaimed.

            "It feels like we've been livin in fast forward..." Liam sang

            "WOO!!! GO LIAM!!" Amelia screamed, and jumped around all crazy.  Liam smiled at her and she smiled back.  "Now this is my jam!  I WANNA STAY UP ALL NIGHT JUMP AROUND UNTIL WE SEE THE SUN!" Amelia sang with the boys.  She jump around doing fist pumps.  Enjoying every moment of the performance.  Dad peaked out the window from the house and saw Amelia having a blast.  He smiled knowing this was one of the best moments of Amelia's life.

            "Thank you guys!  This is the best birthday present I have ever gotten!"  Amelia exclaimed to the boys while hugging them.  Her dad was right. 

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