Amelia Beacher is a average 17 year old girl and sadly her mother dies of cancer. Its a very sad time until until one day for what seems to be One Direction leaves Roses on Amelia's porch. What will happen with the relationship between One Direction and Amelia Beacher?


22. Space Mountain

I approach the bench that Liam was sitting at, Niall looks up at me and leaves to go back to the boys. I sit down next to Liam and out my hands on his back.

"Hey." I try to start a conversation. He looks up from his hands, and looks at me in the eyes.

"Hi." He replies in a glum tone.

"I know your mad but..."

"I'm sick and tire of getting hate Amelia. You are the best thing that had ever happened to me, and u make me so happy. I love you." that warmed my heart, and I knew it was true. Everything we've been through he always stuck with me and along the way we either got hate or something bad happened. He takes me away from my thought.

"I just want you to be happy before you're..."

"Gone" I finish his sentence. He nods, and I kiss him on the lips softly. "Now we should go have fun for at least a little while, after all we are in Disney." I smile at him. Liam smiles back at me.

"Your right let's go find the boys." He rises from his seat and he grabs my hand, we go off to find the boys and we go to Space Mountain, the ride we've been waiting for.

We get to the ride and the line is super long. I look up and see that the line is 2 hours long.

"Are we really gonna wait this long?" I ask.

"Nope." Liam says and pulls out six fast passes. I smile at him, and he smirks. "I always come prepared." He grabs my hand and we all follow Liam into the fast pass line.

The wait is about 5 minutes and we get on, I sit in the way front because I like to see everything. I've always loved rides ever since I was a kid. Liam sits behind me, then Niall, then Louis, then Harry, and Zayn.

"You ready guys!" Harry yells from the middle.

"Hell yeah!" I yell and I quickly shut my mouth realizing we are in Disney and there are lots of little kids.

"Make sure your hands are up!" Zayn yells from the back.

The ride suddenly jolts forward, and I automatically put my hands up.

"We've barley gone anywhere Amelia!" Liam says behind me.

"Whatever." I reply and roll my eyes.

Before I know it we take lots of twists and turns flashing lights everywhere and soon it's over. We all exit and meet up.

"That's always been my favorite ride." Niall starts.

"Agreed" Harry replys.

"What do we do now?" I ask.

"Go see someone that you love." Liam smirks.

"Who?" I ask anxiously.

"You have to tell me now, tell me!" I punch his arm playfully.

"I said you'll see." He replies smirking. We walk a little while before we get to my most favorite character in Disney.

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