Amelia Beacher is a average 17 year old girl and sadly her mother dies of cancer. Its a very sad time until until one day for what seems to be One Direction leaves Roses on Amelia's porch. What will happen with the relationship between One Direction and Amelia Beacher?


9. LIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



           Harry picked Liam up and put his arm around Liam.  Liam limped down the side of the house with Harry.  When Harry and Liam got to the campfire, they saw Amelia sobbing in Louis's arms.  She took a glance at Liam and looked horrified.

          "OMIGOD LIAM!"  she screamed and more tears came poring out of her eyes.  Once she saw Liam and the condition he was in.  She couldn't help but brake down into tears.  Amelia squirmed out of Louis's arms, and ran to Liam.  She jumped into Liam's arms not knowing how much pain he was in.  He grabbed Amelia and held her in his arms tight, but Liam was so weak that he just simply fell to the ground.  Liam layed on the grass and suddenly felt dizzy.  Everyone began to yell Liam! Liam! and they crowded around him.  But it was a blur, he heard everyone calling, but faintly.  He saw Amelia and the boys but they all had two heads.  Amelia cried harder and louder when she saw Liam slowly closes his eyes.  She grabbed Liam's hand and squeezed it hard as she cried into his hand.  Louis came over to Amelia and knelt down next to Liam like she was.  Louis pulled her in for a hug and picked her up.  Amelia rapped her legs around him and cried into Louis's chest. 

          "Let's go."  Zayn said seriously, and a big crackle from the fire came.  Niall carefully put out the fire.  So Harry and Zayn carried Liam up the side of the house and Niall helped them with a flashlight.  Louis wasn't far behind still holding Amelia.  

          "It's ok."  He whispered "Liam is going to be ok."  They loaded up into Zayn's jeep that Harry accidentally hit when fighting the coyotes.  Liam's body layed across Amelia, Louis, and Niall's lap.  Harry drove and Zayn sat up front.  When they began to pull out of the driveway Amelia looked out the window at the beautiful night sky, she watched the twinkling stars and full moon.  More crying wasn't going to help the situation but she did anyway.  Amelia looked down and her lap and stroked Liam's hair, staring at all the cuts and forming bruises on his face.  

         "I love you." she whispered while shedding a tear. 

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