Amelia Beacher is a average 17 year old girl and sadly her mother dies of cancer. Its a very sad time until until one day for what seems to be One Direction leaves Roses on Amelia's porch. What will happen with the relationship between One Direction and Amelia Beacher?


11. I would never just leave you

           The ride was quiet, almost too quiet for a father and daughter.  They pulled into her drive way after 20 minutes of silence.  They jumped out of the car, and stepped into the kitchen.  Amelia was about to step foot to got upstairs until her dad inturupted.

           "Amelia, come sit." Amelia rolled her eyes, and and sat down at her kitchen table with her father.  

           "Now listen to me,"  Her dad stared at her in the eyes. "I don't want you to date this Liam guy."  

           "What? Why! LIAM IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!"  I screamed.  "I'm sure mom was the same for you."  I calmed down, and a couple tears dripped down my face.  

            "WELL I DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE ME!! ONCE YOUR WITH HIM YOUR GONE FOREVER!!!"  Her dad stood up and yelled at the top of his lungs.  "You'll never come back, and I'll have nobody.  You'll have kids and be living your own life."  He sat back down, and his face wasn't red anymore.

             "Dad, I would never just leave you,"  I whispered.  

              "You say that now, but you'll leave me...i know you will.  You don't know your beautiful!, sang my phone.  It was a text from Harry.  It read come to the hospital, Liam wants you.

               "Dad, I have to got to the hospital, for Liam."  I whispered.

                "Ok " He said with sadness in his voice "you can take the truck."  

                "Thanks dad, I'll be home in the morning."  I yelled running out the front door.  Amelia's dad watched her start the truck, and back out of the driveway.

                 " If that Liam takes my girl, I will have to kill him..."  Amelia's dad mumbled standing at the front door.  





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