Amelia Beacher is a average 17 year old girl and sadly her mother dies of cancer. Its a very sad time until until one day for what seems to be One Direction leaves Roses on Amelia's porch. What will happen with the relationship between One Direction and Amelia Beacher?


10. Hospital

            The boys and Amelia finally arived at the hospital.  Once again Harry and Zayn carried Liam into the hospital, and Niall followed behind. 

            "Carry me." Amelia whined like she was five. 

            "Okay." Louis replied, picked Amelia up and followed the boys into the hospital.  Niall told the lady at the front desk what happened to Liam.  Two doctors came out with a strecher and immediatly took Liam into the emergency room.  Amelia watched this all happen in horror.  She tryed not to watch Liam get pushed away, but she did anyway. 

              The waiting room was cold and it made Amelia feel sick.  The wooden bench fit everyone, but Amelia's stomach was tied in a knot, a tight knot that she was struggling to get undone.  The chills came to her every 5 seconds. 

              "Amelia, come here." Harry said motioning her that way.  Amelia came over and sat on his lap.  "You look very pale luv, are you ok?"  Harry asked.

              "No."  She said with a tear dripping down her face.  "I'm worried, tired, and scared."  A tear dropped on Harry's shirt one after another.  It seemed there were black polka dots on his chest.  Harry pulled her into his chest and comforted her, even more than before.  

               "He's going to be to be alright."  he whispered, and stroked Amelia's hair.  

                About 2 hours later the boys and Amelia were still sitting there worried sick.  There had been no answer in 2 hours!  Finally a doctor came around the corner to come and talk to them.  

                "Hello you guys are with Liam Payne, correct?"  the doctor questioned.  

                 "Yes." Niall said anxiously.  

                 "Excellent."  The doctor replied looking at her clipboard, and writing something down.  "Ok so, when we took Liam in he was fast asleep.  We took a look at him and gave him rabies shots so he wouldn't..."  In the middle of the doctor's words, another one came around the corner.  

                 "Come quick." she panicked, and with that both the doctors sprinted back down the hall.  Amelia's stomach was in a knot so tight, that she couldn't take it anymore.  

                 "Could my life be any worse?!?!"  She cried.  "I can't take this pain!"  Amelia cried into her hands.  Harry pulled her into a warm hug, and sat her on his lap.  

                 "None of us can."  Harry whispered while sheading a tear.  Harry glanced at Niall and the other boys and they all had at least one tear dripping down their cheeks.  

                 "Hi honey."  said a deep voice.  Amelia turned around and saw her father.  "I noticed you guys left the house, and Niall told me where you guys were."  

                 "Oh well...hi."  Amelia said whipping some tears away.  She looked sadly at her father.  

                 "We're going home."  He said sternly.  

                 "Why dad, we can't!!" Amelia screamed, and she began to sob.  

                 "I am not tolerating this Amelia... you're 17!!"  her dad yelled back.  He lifted her up and carried her off like a bride.  Amelia didn't want to leave. but she didn't want to fight with her dad again in public.  She shead a tear and looked at Harry.  She reached out her hand like she was about to touch his, but her dad carried her out to the cold parking lot.  They jumped into her dad's white truck, and they drove off.    

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