Amelia Beacher is a average 17 year old girl and sadly her mother dies of cancer. Its a very sad time until until one day for what seems to be One Direction leaves Roses on Amelia's porch. What will happen with the relationship between One Direction and Amelia Beacher?


8. Attack

          Liam sprinted, he ran up the side of the house and into the garage, and the four coyotes were close behind.

         "I should go back him up." Harry said seriously, and with that he bolted up the side of the house and saw Liam.  His clothes were ripped and his knees were bloody.  As the coyotes surrounded Liam in a big circle he managed to smack the coyotes with a big medal shovel.  

         "Catch!" Liam yelled to Harry, and Liam through Harry a big plastic rake.

          "How come I get the crappy weapon?  I thought I was a ninja! WAAAAAA!" Harry yelled and began to swing around the rake like it was a sword.  Then Harry swung the rake so that it scraped across the hood of  Zayn's jeep.  Liam covered his mouth with his hand and tried to hold back the laugh.

           "I can fix that."  Harry pretended.

            "Zayn is going to kill you." Liam laughed "You're dead."  The coyotes began to growl fiercely at Liam, so Liam pointed the tip of the shovel at them.  All of a sudden one of the coyotes turned around and charged at Harry.  Harry panicked and hit the rabid coyote in the side of the head but not hard enough to kill it.  The coyote gave a little whimper and ducked his head down.  The coyote gave a look to the other coyotes that circled Liam.  The three coyotes turned there heads and scampered over to the other coyote.  The four coyotes looked at Harry with there big twinkling eyes, and it was hard to once again raze the shovel over his shoulder and give them a dirty look.  Once again a horrible cry came from the coyotes, and they quickly scampered off down the side of the house and back into the woods.  The boys both looked at each other, and Harry was perfectly fine.  Liam on the other hand looked worse than he did before.  Bite marks covered his body from head to toe, and blood dripped from every single one of his cuts.  Liam was holding his ankle and his face told Harry that he was in pain.  Harry ran over to Liam.

              "Liam are you ok?" Harry asked but Harry was playing stupid.  Liam never put such a horrifying expression on his face before.  He knew Liam was in a lot of pain and wasn't ok.

               "No, go get the others.  We are going to the hospital tonight."  Liam replied calmly. 




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