Amelia Beacher is a average 17 year old girl and sadly her mother dies of cancer. Its a very sad time until until one day for what seems to be One Direction leaves Roses on Amelia's porch. What will happen with the relationship between One Direction and Amelia Beacher?


2. Annoying Doorbell



           Two weeks later rain pattered on the roof and it was Amelia's birthday and her family came to her house for a party.  When the cake came out her family gathered around the kitchen table and sang happy birthday.  Amelia blew out her candles and wished for one thing...her mother.  Her mother meant the world to her and of course she lost her life to cancer two weeks before her birthday.  They would do everything together go to the mall, bake cookies, but they can't do that anymore.  Then in the middle of Ameila's thought the door bell rang. 

         "That's weird." Amelia thought.  "I don't remember any other family members coming."

         "I GOT IT!" Amelia yelled, but when she opened the door, she saw something she didn't expect.  Rain was poring as she stared at the roses sitting on the porch step.  Amelia looked at the name card as it read TO: Amelia Beacher FROM: Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik.

         "Here are some flowers for your loss?" Amelia read with confusion. "Probably a prank." Amelia swepped the flowers off the porch and stepped inside.  She shut the door, walked into the kitchen, and set the flowers in a vase.  Then entered the living room to once again join the party. 

         "Who was it?" Dad asked.

         "Just a couple of those stupid teenagers ding dong ditching that's all." Amelia replied.

         "Well why don't you open your presents and have some more cake." Dad insisted.  Amelia was about to open the first present, but the door bell rang again.  As she was just about to turn the knob and out of the corner of her eyes she saw a long black car out the window.

         "A limo? This better be good." Amelia said with surprise in her tone.  Amelia turned the door knob and opened the creaky door and saw him.  Amelia's eyes suddenly turned from normal to huge. 

         "OOOH...MI...GOD! She whispered.  It turns out those roses were no lie. 

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