Just A Dream.

When Emily Lane, your average 17 year old teen, wins a scholarship to a music school in London to follow her life dream of becoming a music artist, will she get more than she bargained for? When she stumbles across a boy that always seems to be distracting her from her work, either with his amazing looks, boyish charm, or his angelic vocals. Emily realises she can't focus on anything other than him.Has this boy changed her life forever? Not just emotionally, but physically..?

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5. Mixed Feelings.

Okay so it's Sunday night and I HAVE EVERYTHING UNPACKED. Round of applause please? Thanks. And no, before you all ask, I haven't been in contact with Josh. Awrhhh, I know I know.. But it's college tomorrow so, yeah.

I started a new song today, it's really bad though so I won't show you. Yes, this is the part when I go red.


Wtf, I hear shouting from the road below my window. I rip open the curtains and look down. There was a couple of tipsy lads but my eyes flew straight to Josh. He seem- oh my Lord, even from up here in my appartment his eyes were sooo dreamy, om- wait, what was I doing? Oh yeah, Josh seemed the only one not drunk, he walked behind on his phone. It was constantly vibrating in his hand.

Oh pleaaaseeee not be a girlfriend or something. Wait, what am I saying, I don't even like him. Wait, do I? Oh God, my head's spinning.


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