Just A Dream.

When Emily Lane, your average 17 year old teen, wins a scholarship to a music school in London to follow her life dream of becoming a music artist, will she get more than she bargained for? When she stumbles across a boy that always seems to be distracting her from her work, either with his amazing looks, boyish charm, or his angelic vocals. Emily realises she can't focus on anything other than him.Has this boy changed her life forever? Not just emotionally, but physically..?

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4. Gorgeous Blue Eyes.

So, first week of college went, we-, meh. It wasn't too bad I guess. I'm too shy to make friends which is thumbs down. Waking up at 6:30 every day isn't the best thing that's happened. A maximum of 7 hours sleep a night, so yeah, pretty good I say. There's still piles of boxes everywhere but I've been so busy eurgh. I recently discovered there's a park down the road so I'll probably go down there later, when I can be bothered to get off my lazy arse and get dressed.

Eventually, I managed to get out of my bed and get dressed, it's September so it's semi-cold and what not. So I put on a red jumper, and black skinny jeans, with a black scarf. I was heading down the tiled road of London on my phone wondering which playlist I should listen to. I was paying no attention and suddenly I walked into, what I thought was a wall. I dropped my phone, luckily it didn't crack. I bent down to pick it up but someone's hand had already got there, I looked up and saw a familiar pair of crystal blue eyes. They sparkled as the lad smiled at me. A managed to smile back,

"I'm very sorry, I hope your phone didn't break!" he asked worriedly.

"N-no I think it's fine, thanks!"

"You sure?" he asked again.

"Yep, 100% thanks." I smiled.

"So, how was your class?"

I was slightly confused and looked at him puzzled when I realised he was the boy who rescued me from the mob at college,

"Oh, uh, yeah, that, that was great thanks!"

"Aha, goodgood, by the way, I didn't catch your name.." he asked, holding his hand out for me to shake it.

"That's cause I didn't throw it at you!" I replied smirking. He started laughing.

"Haha, I'm Josh, what's your name?" he asked laughing.

"Emily, Emily Lane."

"Nice to meet you Emily, see you aroud sometime?" he grinned. I nodded. And with that he walked off.

I can't get those gorgeous blue eyes out of my mind.

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