Just A Dream.

When Emily Lane, your average 17 year old teen, wins a scholarship to a music school in London to follow her life dream of becoming a music artist, will she get more than she bargained for? When she stumbles across a boy that always seems to be distracting her from her work, either with his amazing looks, boyish charm, or his angelic vocals. Emily realises she can't focus on anything other than him.Has this boy changed her life forever? Not just emotionally, but physically..?

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3. College Doors.

I got closer and closer to the college. I could hear more talking as I neared it. I finally turned a corner and there it was, standing proud! There were huge black gates outside. It reminded of Bukingham Palace. I took a deep breath and walked in. Everywhere I turned the were people swarming around the huge building, the only still thing for miles.

A new girl at a new college for someone so shy like me is really not the best thing...

I walked to some doors, taking in the breathtaking sight as I went, and saw a reception inside. I guessed that was where a new girl was meant to go. I pushed open the doors and when they slammed shut, the outside world went away, it was so peaceful. Despite it being a music college. I walked up to the desk,

"Hello, may I help you?" a lady at the desk said to me, sounding aggitated.

"Um, I'm new her-" I started, she cut me off.


"Emily Lane," I replied slightly coward-like from her strict tone.

"Here you are Miss Lane," she handed me a sheet of paper and sent me on my way, clearly busy. I looked at it, it had times and lessons. I guess that was my timetable or something. I was about to open the doors and head back outside when I saw a huge mob of people coming towards me. I was frozen. There was about 200 people. All about the burst through the doors. I screamed inside.

Suddenly a voice came behind me and startled me,


I jumped and turned around. There was a tall boy about my age smirking at me.

"I-I-m-m," after living in the UK for 17 years, you'd think I'd be able to speak some English.

"Nice to meet you too.." he grabbed my arm, pulled me through some doors and up a flight of stairs. He snatched my timetable, glanced at it briefly and shoved me towards a classroom,

"Here's your first lesson." he informed me. I turned around but before I could say thank you, he was gone.

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