Just A Dream.

When Emily Lane, your average 17 year old teen, wins a scholarship to a music school in London to follow her life dream of becoming a music artist, will she get more than she bargained for? When she stumbles across a boy that always seems to be distracting her from her work, either with his amazing looks, boyish charm, or his angelic vocals. Emily realises she can't focus on anything other than him.Has this boy changed her life forever? Not just emotionally, but physically..?

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6. Cheeky.

2nd lesson and I'm sooooooooo bored. Okay, I slightly over did it then with the 'ooo's. But you get the idea right? Oh, by the way it's Monday and I'm in College, if you were stupid enough not to realise that..



We all piled outside the classrooms ready for our next class. Mine, of which, was in a different building, argh. I sprinted over, okay not literally, what kind of freak do you think I am?! I got outside my class when I spotted Josh. I was too shy to talk to him but luckily he saw me and came over,

"Hey Emily," he smiled.

"Hey," I replied, staring at my feet.

"Are you okay, you seem, somewhat, scared.." his voice full of concern.

"No, I'm fine, I'm just shy that's all." I felt embarrassed. There was a long silence when suddenly he purposly flew his arm up and knocked all the books out my hand. Wtf. They crashed to the floor. I looked shocked and puzzled at him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, let me get those for you!" he winked at me, I suddenly realised his game. I smiled shyly to myself.

"Here you are," he handed me the books with a cheeky smile on his face. I laughed at him. He laughed with me. I gazed into his eyes, which is unusual since I'm normally so shy..

"Isn't that you class?" Josh pointed to a line of people filing into a classroom. I snapped back to reality.

"Oh God, yeah. Thanks!" I dashed off. He chuckled then entered his own classroom.

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