blood suckers

a simple girl vera who led a normal life met a boy with a big secret will she fall in love or push him away


3. showing them around and sensing something diffrent

veras pov

i got to school and was almost trampeled i fell and scraped my knee and I walked into a tall pale hot boy with curly hair and green eyes and his friends i got up and apologised and he saw my knee and they all  looked at it nervously and quickly walked away that was weird and i never had seen them before so they must be knew i thought.

harrys pov

omg she was bleeding it made my mouth water i cant think that calm down harry she is not a meal she is a human.

nobodys pov

the boys were thinking the same thing but they rush to the office and she is standing there with a band aid on the spot but they could still smell it it was hard to keep control

veras pov

i walked to them nurse and got a bandaid when the principal called me in and asked me to show a new group of kids and i gladly agreed and when i walked out there they were the creepy new kids

nobodys pov

vera walked over and finally realized who they are and said "you are one direction and danielle peazer,perrie,and eleanor calder " they all nodded in agreement

she looked at their class schedules and they were all in the same classes as her "great" she thought

after she showed them around it was lunch time and they asked if they could sit with her and she agreed

as long as they kept a healthy amount of blood in their system they could eat regular food.

they all sat down and she said "sorry i didnt introduce myself im vera"

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