blood suckers

a simple girl vera who led a normal life met a boy with a big secret will she fall in love or push him away


4. scared half to death

veras pov
it was the end of the day and i decided to take a walk through the woods cause i loved it there it is so peaceful
i finally arrived and found a nice quite spot under a tree and then i heard some rustling in the bushes and suddenly i was approached by 2 guys who were pale and wearing hoodies the tall one said "she looks pretty tasty dont you agree" and the other one just nodded. then they took down their hoodies and showed their huge fangs and i said "what are you" and the the tall one said " we are vampires and you are about to be our next meal" the shorter one came and as fast as lightning jumped on me and grabbed my wrist and bit into it and started feeding on me and i screamed and out of no where harry pounced on him and the other 1D boys were beating the crap out of them and they bit into them and sucked on em and they turned to ashes. then harry and the other boys then were right by my side when i felt a burning pain in my arm and started screaming and crying then harry took my wrist and sucked it out and i felt better but then it all went black.
harry pov
i felt drawn to her and she went in the woods and i asked themto follow and they agreed so we followed her and i heard screaming so i rushed and found her to being fed on so me and the boys killed the vamps that fed on my love then i sucked the venom out of her and she passed out and i took her to our place and let her sleep
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