blood suckers

a simple girl vera who led a normal life met a boy with a big secret will she fall in love or push him away


6. introducing themselves properely

"i guess ill start my name is danielle peazer im 19 im 5'7.
dani said and they all explained theirselves and it was like ive known them forever. then they turned on me and said "your turn" "ok im vera marie carter im 18 and im 5'6 1/2 and i the girl keeping your secret" and they all sighed in relief and smiled and cheered and hugged me and we all became bffs that day
3 months later
i went over to their house everyday and because of my hunting skills i fed them 2. Harry called me into his room and said "vera i have loved you since the day i met you will you be my girlfriend" "of course harry i love you too" and we kissed and i realized it was long enough i love him and i said "harry can you turn me i want to spend the rest of my life with you" " r u sure thats what u want " yes" "dont scream" i nodded and i lent my head down and he bit me the venom was starting to spread and it stung so bad and i started crying then it all went black.

Harrys pov
i turned her we will spend the rest of all eternity together and i will love every second of it.

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