blood suckers

a simple girl vera who led a normal life met a boy with a big secret will she fall in love or push him away


5. finding out what they are

veras pov
i woke up and all the memories came back and i didnt recognize where i was and i got up grabbed my bag and was about to walk out when i was grabbed and was about to scream but my mouth was covered and i was turned around and saw who it was. the face i was scared of was very fond of. Harry and all of them around me "let me go i never want to see you guys again you'll hurt me"
i screamed and they all look hurt "oh and thanx fo saving me now let me go" harry just stated "i cant" and i screamed "why the fijizzles not" and they all chuckled at fijizzles my word " really fijizzles is all u can say" said liam inbetween laughs "oh shut your front doors" i said which made them laugh even harder and i did something i never thought id do i started laughing pretty soon we all calmed down an i asked "so lemme guess u guys want me to stay cause your scared ill tell someone and u guys will be staked at the heart" and they all nodded " well if im not going to tell anyone im gonna have to know more about u

*authors note: so sorry its short but i have 2 more movellas i want to update so laters all my little carrots
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