blood suckers

a simple girl vera who led a normal life met a boy with a big secret will she fall in love or push him away


2. being watched

veras pov

I woke up feeling very strange this morning like someone was watching me but i shook it off and got ready I wore a simple blue blouse and skinny jeans and some blue toms which is my regular outfit. I grabbed my apple and walked to school but i couldnt shake that scary feeling that i was being watched.


Harrys pov

Vera was a beautiful girl unknowing to my kind which i was kinda glad of

You see im in one direction but no one knows mine and the lads and their girlfriends secrets

We are vampires i  know unbelieveble i know but when we were on the xfactor i met a girl named jasmine and she was a vampire and i found out what she was i fell in deep love and she turned me but she left me because i refused to feed on a human. i told the lads what i was and they were ok wit it which i was glad of

i turned liam and he turned niall who turned zayn who turned louis and we would roam the earth forever but then danielle eleanor and perrie came along and we turned them and now we are together  and we are forever young.

Today we are going back to high school and i hope vera is in my classes


OH i forgot to tell you we dont eat  humans we eat animals which is just as satisfying

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