nothings fine

hi im cayla and i love one direction but what happens when i get to meet them and we fall in love but something happens that will ruin will love over powere or will we never love again


2. concert :)

my bff sarah is coming to the concert wit me and we are squeling wit excitement we went to the mall to get brand new clothes for the concert tonight
i found this cute black kind of tank top with gold sequins on it and some denim jeans to go along
sarah found a cute black lacy top (with a black tanktop to go underneath of course) and white capri shorts
sarah curled my hair and did my makeup and i straightened her hair and did her makeup and we looked smoking hot
"im so excited" sarah squealed and i squealed and said "me 2"
when we got to the arena it was full of girls and we had front row tickets which was awesome but as we made our way down to the front we got alot of dirty looks but just brushed it off and continued to make our way down to the stage then flashing lights and music and then i realized i was at a one direction concert.

-after the concert
me and liam locked eyes so many times and i just smiled and looked at the ground and continued dancing and singing

*authors note- guys im so sorry i have 2 accounts this one and camicraze9127 and all my movellas are harry styles but i wanna do a liam payne one so im changin it to liam and the reason i wrote this is cause peeps have already read it so i thought id let u know- thanx my little carrots with much love cami*
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