nothings fine

hi im cayla and i love one direction but what happens when i get to meet them and we fall in love but something happens that will ruin will love over powere or will we never love again


3. after the concert

caylas pov
i loved the concert and we left the arena but was stopped by liam and the boys who asked for our numbers and name and we both smiled and told them and gave them our phones and they typed in crazy nicknames
louis carrot prince
liam on mine:ur prince charming
zain:vainy zainy
harry on mine:hazza;)
liam on sarahs:li li
harry on sarahs:your future husband harry ;)
me on all boys but liam: cay cay <3
sarah on all boys but harry:hotty(that is what she put in my phone lol)
me on liam: ur love at first sight cayla<3 ;)
sarah on harry:ur future wife sarah
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