It'll be our little secret

When Zayn's sister Skylar falls in love with Niall she gets scared of being treated different and getting hate. So her and Niall decide to keep it they're little secret but what will happen when someone they trusted tells they're secret? Will they're relationship ever be the same? Are they strong enough to last?


13. The doctor

The whole time we were at the doctors I kept thinking about what Liam said to me. I knew I loved him, but that little piece of my heart was Niall's. Liam and I started a family, he needed all of my heart. He handed me his right away and he knew that I was holding back. We found out that we were having a baby girl. On our way home we stopped and got a book of baby names. We spent that night watching Disney movies, looking at names, and starting to plan the nursery. We had finally decided on Taylor Noelle Payne. 

     I woke up the next morning curled up to Liam. He was staring at me. "What are you looking at babe?" I asked. "You look so beautiful when you sleep." He replied while moving the hair out of my face. "Did she kick alot last night?" Liam questioned while putting his hand on my belly, not breaking eye contact. I nodded then added "I don't think she likes when I'm still." And just as I said that she kicked. "I guess not." He replied.  "Want to start the nursery today?" He asked before kissing my cheek. I nodded and said "we should probably get up then." He nodded and pecked my lips before rolling out of bed. I sat up and placed my hands on my belly. And enjoyed the view of Liam walking around our room in his striped pajama pants without a shirt. The pants hung on his hips perfectly. He turned around and flashed me a quick smile, I gave him one in return. Then I got up and went to the closet grabbing a pair of jeans and trying to squeeze my swollen body into them. "Li, come here I need your help!" I yelled from the closet. A few seconds later he walked in and giggled at the sight of me fighting with the button on my jeans. "Please button these." I begged. "Of course" he giggled. He walked over and buttoned them right away. "Love don't you think you may need bigger jeans?" He asked while pulling me close to him. "These are big, I've gone up five sizes!" I replied while resting my head on his bare chest. He knew I wasn't happy with the way my body was turning and reacting. "I wish you didn't have to go through all of this. It makes me feel horrible, like I did this to you." He stated while nuzzling his head on the crook of my neck. "One you didn't force me to have sex with you and two think of it this way five more months and we'll hold our little miracle for the first time." I replied and looked up at him. He leaned in and kissed me. That's when I realized, I love Liam James Payne with all my heart and soul. Niall had given up and now so have I. It's just Liam and Taylor in my heart now, and I think I'm okay with that.

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