It'll be our little secret

When Zayn's sister Skylar falls in love with Niall she gets scared of being treated different and getting hate. So her and Niall decide to keep it they're little secret but what will happen when someone they trusted tells they're secret? Will they're relationship ever be the same? Are they strong enough to last?


5. One unforgettable night

Sky's PoV:

I honestly can't even believe Niall and I are together. I've waited for this day for what seemed like forever. All of us were drunk by the time we left the club except Liam of course. We all decided to call cabs. "I have to make sure she gets home and everything see you guys later" Louis said while wrapping his arm around Eleanor's waist to pull her close. "Bye boobear!" Harry yelled while running towards Louis with his arms open wide. "Bye Hazza!" Louis screamed back while pulling harry in for a tight hug. "Sky I gotta get Perrie home she's gotta be at the studio early will you be good home alone for the night?" Zayn asked with a worried look on his face. "Just fine" I said while hugging him goodbye and kissing his cheek. I made him believe I was fine but anyone else could tell I was dreading going home to an empty house for the night. Niall just wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his body and kissed at my neck giving me shivers. "We should probably head home we have to take the dogs out" Dani said while taking Liam's hand. I looked at Liam and he looked different then how he usually does with with Dani. Normally he looks thrilled and always has a smile on his face but tonight he looked pained to be with her. "Thanks for coming guys" He added barely above a whisper while walking away. "No problem happy birthday" I replied with a smile "Have a good one and happy birthday mate!" Niall added Then he spun me around and said "As for you missy you get to come home with me" "Oh do I?" I smiled back "Yup" he said as a huge smile appeared on his face. Then he kissed me forehead and brought me to the taxi he opened the door then went to the other side and got in himself. He gave the driver directions and off we went. I smiled at thought of me going home with my Edward Cullen knowing that he was all mine. he just looked at me with a smile on his face and grabbed my hand. We had a silent ride home but it was a sweet silent all we did was stare into eachothers eyes.

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