It'll be our little secret

When Zayn's sister Skylar falls in love with Niall she gets scared of being treated different and getting hate. So her and Niall decide to keep it they're little secret but what will happen when someone they trusted tells they're secret? Will they're relationship ever be the same? Are they strong enough to last?


4. I'm happy for you guys or at least I think I am

Zayn's point of view

I wonder what Niall is talking Skylar about. He better not hurt her she's my little sister so sweet and innocent. Last night she told me how she thinks she's in love with him and how she wishes he would notice her. "Don't worry so much she'll be fine!" Perrie whispered in my ear. "I just don't want her to get hurt" I whispered back "Do you honestly think Niall would do that?" She asked "No but.." "Exactly so she'll be fine" She said right before leaning in kissing my cheek. I gave her a frowning face. Then she rolled her eyes and kissed me on the lips. She pulled away and smiled I smiled back. 

Niall's point of view

I'm kinda nervous to tell the guys about Skylar and I. I know Harry will be happy. So will Louis.But Zayn might not be happy. He's really protective of Skylar. Liam is like a brother to her as well. So he won't be to happy either. We walked into club and I tightened the grip on her hand and pulled it to my face and kissed it. Then I saw the boys sitting at a table in the corner so I walked over there. "Vas happenin'?" Zayn said  "umm.. Niall and i are kinda together" Skylar replied while holding my hand up still linked into hers. Danielle Eleanor and Perrie all smilied. "I told you boobear!" Harry said Louis just started laughing. "Don't hurt her or I'll hurt you" Liam added with a serious look on his face, Danielle hit him in reply while rolling her eyes. "I'm happy for you guys just don't do anything stupid" Zayn replied

Liam's point of view

To be honest I'm kinda shocked. Sky is like a sister to me I can't imagine anyone hurting her. But I kind of feel something else. I love her like a sister but maybe theres something else for her too. Don't get me wrong I love Danielle but I still feel something for Sky. 

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