It'll be our little secret

When Zayn's sister Skylar falls in love with Niall she gets scared of being treated different and getting hate. So her and Niall decide to keep it they're little secret but what will happen when someone they trusted tells they're secret? Will they're relationship ever be the same? Are they strong enough to last?


7. Hangovers are never fun.

I woke up and rolled over to find Niall only to realize I was in bed alone. I got up to try and find him, that's when I got a shooting pain in my head. I guess I had a little to much to drink last night. When I opened the door I was hit with the smell of bacon and maple syrup. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to find Niall with his back to me cooking something over the stove. I went up be hind him and put my arms around him. He laughed and turned around "Good morning beautiful. Are you hungry?" "Of course." I answered "That's my girl" he laughed. He then put his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him, while leaning into kiss me. After a few minutes of kissing I felt dizzy, stupid hangover I thought. So I pulled away and cringed my face. Niall looked really concerned "Are you okay princess?" "Yeah, just a tiny bit hungover." "That's not hard to believe, you and the other girls might have over done it." I laughed but of course it didn't help my head so I cringed again. Niall picked me up sat me on the counter and said "stay" while holding up a finger. "Babe I'm not a dog." I responded. He turned around and winked at me I stuck my tongue out in return. A few moments later he was back with a tablet and a glass of water. "Here" he said while handing me the tablet I popped it in my mouth then grabbed the glass of water. He went back to making breakfast as I sat on the counter admiring his body. The way his shorts sat on his waist. The way his hair was sitting on his head, not one piece out of place. The way his arms were perfectly toned. He was all mine. He turned around and asked "Enjoying the view love?" I giggled and he walked over and put himself between my legs gently grabbing my chin and bringing me in for a kiss. Then my stomach growled. He pulled away and laughed and said "breakfast is ready and I'm starving and sounds like someone else is as well." He helped me off the counter then brought me to the table and gave me my plate. He then sat down from across from me and we ate our breakfast. After breakfast before he could I grabbed the plates and brought them to the sink and began washing them. "No, princess that's my job." "no you cooked which means I clean." "Fine but at least let me help you." He said while grabbing a dish towel and drying the dishes. After about two minutes Niall took the soap suds and threw them at me. "Oh it's on Horan." I said while grabbing some and throwing them back. We just throw bubbles and started chasing each other around the kitchen. Then I slipped and fell Niall ran over to me. "Are you okay?" "Yeah just twisted my wrist when I fell." I stood up and he grabbed my wrist bringing it to his mouth then kissing it. "Better?" He asked. "Much, but it I think I hurt my lip too." He laughed and then said "I can get that." He then leaned in and kissed me after a few minutes of kissing he picked me up and brought me to the couch were we continued kissing. Then he pulled away and said "let's watch a movie." Then got up and was looking through movies "Princess can we watch finding nemo?" He asked while turning around with puppy dog eyes. I giggled and said "of course we can bubba." He jumped up and down like a 3 year old then put the movie in. Then he came to me and sat down putting his arm around me and I snuggled closer putting my head on his chest. This was the perfect lazy date, with the perfect guy.
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