It'll be our little secret

When Zayn's sister Skylar falls in love with Niall she gets scared of being treated different and getting hate. So her and Niall decide to keep it they're little secret but what will happen when someone they trusted tells they're secret? Will they're relationship ever be the same? Are they strong enough to last?


8. And the hate starts.

I woke up and rolled over to check niall's alarm clock it was 10 which means he was about half way threw his interview. I haven't been home in three days, I'll give zayn a call later just to tell him I'm okay. I was bored so I decided to go on twitter only to find it totally spammed. What is this? I gained like twenty five hundred followers. But I was also spammed with hate. I was so confused, so I decided to scroll threw them. '@todayshow: Liam Payne claims his band mate Niall Horan is in a relationship with Skylar Malik, their other mates friend.' And attached was a picture of Niall and I kissing inside the club with his arms around my waist and my hands in his hair. This is fantastic, I'm gonna get a ton of hate and I don't want to deal with any of it. I love Niall to death but at times like this I wish he was a normal teen. I know he loves what he does but I wish he was just a normal guy. I needed to just lay down and think. I doze of for a few minutes but that's when my phone rang it was niall's solo from more than this which means it was Niall. I answered it right away 'Sky...Liam kinda of spilled..' 'Yeah I kinda realized..' 'Babe what happened?' I could hear the fear in his voice. 'Ni my twitter is spammed with hate.' He was quiet for a while I didn't know what happen 'skylar if you want to walk out I don't blame you. You didn't expect to deal with hate and I'm so sorry' 'Niall James Horan I'm not going any where I promise!' I could practically hear his smile. I was happy with him, but I might have bit off more then I can chew. Things will defiantly be different from here on out. I just hope were strong enough to last..
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