The New Girl in Town

When Liza VanDough decides to move to London she run into a few boys that make her life a little bit more interesting...


3. The Runway Surprise.

I hear noise. A lot of it. Typical. I see girls screaming and cameras flashing. I dot care. I'm going to London. Bea is next to me and the moms are talking. Bea's dad died of cancer. My dad abandoned us when I was 5. So we boarded the plain. Me and Bea weren't together. I was sitting next to some stranger. My favorite band is coldplay so once I got on the plain I took out my iPhone and turned on Coldplay and put in the earplugs.

"Hehehehehe, catch up with you guys mate," I heard a male say. Then, he say down... Next to me...

I just ignored him. But then we hit mid air. And I couldn't listen to Coldplay anymore. My sound cut off. And this was a 5 hour flight. And it's been 2 hours and the sound turned off. I took my earplugs out and then... He spoke...

"Oh. So you're alive. I thought you died with your eyes open," oh great. An immature. It was kinda cute though... Like him...

"Ha ha ha. Very funny," I said sarcasticly.

"Wow. My leg hurts. I tripped up on here," he said


"Yeah. I know. So where are you going? This is a two way flight right?" he asked.

"I'm going to London. And yes this is a two-way flight," I said.

"No way. I am too. Hotel or house?"

"Hoten Franklin,"

"Cool. Me and my friends are there too. Maybe you can come with us."

"Well me and my friend Bea and our moms..."

"They can come too," he said.

"Cool. Thanks."

Then the announcer came on. 'Cushck We will be landing soon Cushck'

"I hate the landing," I said.

"Why?" He asked

"I get scared. I feel like I'm goin' to die,"

"Don't worry, love. Ive got you," he wrapped his arm around me and I DID feel safe. Then we were on the ground. And I couldn't want. So I had him help me. He was sweet, and nice, and handsome, and funny...
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