The New Girl in Town

When Liza VanDough decides to move to London she run into a few boys that make her life a little bit more interesting...


2. The party

Bea was first to arrive, then my best guy-friend, Trent, then a couple people next. Then it turned into everyone but the football team and, thankfully, Trey. Then the doorbell rang. Damn. Here's Trey, and the football team. Well, my antique vase that my great-great-great grandma will be in my thoughts.

"Hey there sexual," I heard Trey say clearly.

I heard from the football team mumbles and then Trent came and sat me down on the red couch and spoke.

"So..." Wow. Real Mature. I'm about to leave forever and all he says is 'so...'?!?!

"Yep. I know what you're thinking. I AM really leaving with Bea. I'm gonna miss this place. And I was born here." I said.

"Here? In this house?" he asked.

"Yep. Right where you're sittin'," I said.

He looked disgusted. And moved.

"I'm kiddin'. It's where Trey is sittin'," We Laughed the night away. We danced. I sang. People think I sing amazingly but I don't think so. I'm gonna miss these assholes. Well. Now to the airport.
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