The New Girl in Town

When Liza VanDough decides to move to London she run into a few boys that make her life a little bit more interesting...


1. The Move

One day Elizabeth Stella or, as her friends call her, Liza was moving to Homes Chappell in London. It was a beautiful little town. But Liza didn't want to go. She didn't want to leave her best friend Bea. (Bea was short for Beatrix. But Bea didn't like that name.) so now introducin, Bea, Liza, and One Direction.


Well I was so glad Bea convinced her parents to come to London with me. I'll miss everything. The "Famous Eddies" cheese dogs, the-the old volleyball team I was on... Trey Baskenett... He was my boyfriend. Not when he found out I'm moving. I always hated him. He abused me. He used me and abused me. I was used for him as a sex toy and when I didn't return his calls, didn't kiss him goodbye, didn't have sex with him... I-I-I'd get a little beating. He did that to show me that 'He' was in-charge.

So I was having a "goodbye party." Everyone was gonna be there... Even Trey... That means either sex or a beating... Probably both. Wish me tons!

|~|Alright guys. Sorry for the short first paragraph. It'll be a longer one next.|~|
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