Carry Me Home: a One Direction fan fiction

There is struggle between Louis and Harry when a horrible rumor gets out, making Louis very uncomfortable and Harry enraged and jealous. Niall suddenly gets tangled up in the middle of the fight, but what is happening to Harry and Louis' relationship? Will management butt in? Will fans retaliate? Will record sales plummet into the gutter? Read on to see if Louis and Harry can make it through these troubles.


8. The Secret's Out

-Louis's POV-

It felt good to come out to the world. I felt like some weight was lifted off my shoulders. I knew that there would be a lot of disappointed fans but I didn't care. Now everyone knows the truth about Harry and me. Now I don't have to hide anymore. Now the secrets out.

"Hey guys, I think Liam's back so why don't we get off here?" I told the camera. I grabbed Harry's hand, which was still bleeding, and got up so Liam could have his twitcam back. We left the room hand in hand. When we got to Harry's suite we found Niall and Zayn.They looked a little shocked.

"Liam texted us about what happened. I can't believe you guys did that," Zayn said still a little shocked.

"Oh come on. I didn't want to hide it anymore. They would have found out somehow anyway," I told him. I didn't really care anymore. I felt like it was time to tell the fans and that was all that mattered.

"Harry come on, let's see those hands," Niall said motioning for Harry to come over. I let go of his hand and walked over with him. Harry held out his hands and both Zayn and Niall gasped.

"Harry! How could you do this to yourself?" Zayn asked.

"I was desperate," Harry muttered just loud enough for everone to hear.

"Come on Harry! You can't just do that!"

"I know," Harry said looking at the floor. He was clearly ashamed.

-Harry's POV-

I was so ashamed. I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my hands away and ran to Louis's room. Tears started falling down my face again. No one understands. No one understands why I did it. No one ever will. I buried my head in my hands.

I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I wiped the tears and tried to recompose myself.

"Hello love," It was Louis. He was speaking softly as if not to overwhelme me.

"Hey," I said my voice was shaking.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine," I lied. I felt so bad for lying to him,"Where are Niall and Zayn?"

"They went to bed. It's getting late you know."

"Yeah I guess I should be off to bed now." I said as I inched my way to the door, "Good night Louis."

"Good night Harry. Remember if there's a problem, come tell me."

"Yeah. Thanks." I said as I left the room. I walked down the hall and went into my room. I got changed and layed down in my bed. I took my phone out and started looking on twitter. There were hateful comments about Louis and I left and right. A tear rolled silently down my cheek. I couldn't believe it. Why did these people post this stuff? Why were they being so hateful?


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