Carry Me Home: a One Direction fan fiction

There is struggle between Louis and Harry when a horrible rumor gets out, making Louis very uncomfortable and Harry enraged and jealous. Niall suddenly gets tangled up in the middle of the fight, but what is happening to Harry and Louis' relationship? Will management butt in? Will fans retaliate? Will record sales plummet into the gutter? Read on to see if Louis and Harry can make it through these troubles.


12. The Fake Girlfriend

-Harry's POV-

     Louis just stared in shock as what I said sunk in. The hallway was silent and all eyes were on him. I wrapped my arms around him and cried silently into his shoulder. I couldn't believe it. A fake girlfriend? Not again.

     "I'-I'll be back." Louis's voice brought me back to reality. My arms dropped to my sides and Louis walked to his room, dazed. I couldn't help but feel angry at managment. How could they do this to us? I turned and followed Louis. He was in his room, sitting on his bed. He was facing the other way and didn't look up when I softly said his name. I walked over and sat beside him. Slowly, I started rubbing his back. He didn't move.

-Liam's POV-

     Harry had just left and Niall looked up in confusion. Zayn was staring into space and no one spoke for a while. We all just sat there, thinking about what happened. The only sound was soft music coming from one of the rooms around us. Niall coughed nervously and inched his way to his door, but stopped at Louis'.  He noticed Harry sitting behind Louis rubbing his back and turned around, giving us that "omg this is too cute guise look" face.  It was cure, but not under these circumstances...

-Louis' POV-

Haz came over and sat behind me, and I felt his soft tough on my back.  Man, it feels good to be loved.  I love him with all of my being, but management keeps rearing its ugly head in the middle of our business.  I wonder of One Direction is ruining our relationship.  Maybe we should just... Louis, snap out of it.  What are you talking about?  You can't just leave the guys.  Not on tour like this.  But you love him.

"Harry?" I murmured, and my voice cracked.


"I'm really worried..."

"What about?"

"What do you think."


"C'mon mate.  you knew what I was walking about."

"I should've known.."

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but we need to talk to management about this... I can't do this anymore.  I love this band, and the other lads,  but you mean more than anything to me.  I'm almost wondering if you and I should leave and start a li-"

"What on earth do you think you're saying, Louis William Tomlinson?"

"I just tho-"

"We can't leave them behind.  We've made it for two years, we can't just give up now.  We're living our dre-"

"But I want to be with you, and this job isn't allowing that."

"I know.  It's rough.  We'll find a way out of this.  Management is gonna have to deal with it."

"He's right." Niall said from out in the hall.  He opened the door a little more and cautiously stepped inside, trying not to upset us.  It didn't work for Harry...


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