Carry Me Home: a One Direction fan fiction

There is struggle between Louis and Harry when a horrible rumor gets out, making Louis very uncomfortable and Harry enraged and jealous. Niall suddenly gets tangled up in the middle of the fight, but what is happening to Harry and Louis' relationship? Will management butt in? Will fans retaliate? Will record sales plummet into the gutter? Read on to see if Louis and Harry can make it through these troubles.


2. Niall the Sleuth

-Niall's POV-

I decided to get to the bottom of it.  I marched straight next door to Louis’ room and knocked.


            “WHAT?” Louis yelled from inside.

            “Calm down, mate.  It’s Niall.  Can I come in?”

            “Oh.  Sorry Nialler… just a moment.”

            He came to the door in sweatpants and a large t-shirt, his hair was all messed up, he hadn’t shaved, he had crumbs all over himself, and he had dark circles under his eyes.  His room was dark and his laptop was on.  He was a wreck- something was up.  I’d never seen Lou like this.  I just knew there was something really wrong.

            “Louis, what happened? You’re a nervous wreck!”

            “I-i-i-it’s all the rumors.  The hate.  It’s killing me.”

            “What are they saying?”

            "They think I got Elanor pregnant.  They’re hating on both of us for it.  Her mom called me last night to say that she had deleted her Twitter account and stopped leaving the house.”

            “That’s horrible!” I said, but then I realized that I had unknowingly lied to Harry. 

            I helped Louis clean up his room until a knock came on the door.  “Who is it?” I yelled from the other side of the suite.  “It’s Zayn.  Can I talk to Lou?” “Yeah, just a sec.  I’m coming.”


-Zayn's POV-

I'd seen all the hate on Twitter about Eleanor and Louis and was worried about the poor guy.  I feel horrible, but at this point, he hasn't told any of us if it's true or not.  I honestly don't think it's all true, because I'm the only one in the band that knows about Lou's and Haz's relationship.  They genuinely love each other, and that's a fact.  They're always there to support one another when they need it, but for some reason, Harry wasn't at Lou's place.

I started to worry.  What if Harry has given up on Louis?  There have been too many rumors going around, and it's tearing both of them apart... Harry's the happiest little cheeky boy I've ever seen when he's around Lou, and I don't want them to lose what they have for each other over a stupid beard...

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