Carry Me Home: a One Direction fan fiction

There is struggle between Louis and Harry when a horrible rumor gets out, making Louis very uncomfortable and Harry enraged and jealous. Niall suddenly gets tangled up in the middle of the fight, but what is happening to Harry and Louis' relationship? Will management butt in? Will fans retaliate? Will record sales plummet into the gutter? Read on to see if Louis and Harry can make it through these troubles.


5. Lies and Broken Promises

-Louis' POV-

"You promised me... you told me you'd never do this again... you lied?" I asked him, deeply disappointed in him.

"I wouldn't have had you not lied to ME first!" he said, putting an emphasis on the word 'me'.

"What did I lie to you about?"

"Oh don't play stupid with me, Louis." he said, opening the door all the way now.  "Niall told me what happened."

"Oh really? And what happened?"

"I can't believe you banged her..."

"WHAT?!?!?!" I yelled, shocked that he'd believe the rumor.  "You believe those rumors too?"

"What do you mean rumors?  Niall said that's what happened."

"Of course.  Niall.  That clueless boy... those rumors about El are fake.  I thought you had some common sense and knew they were false."

"Well, I admit, they were hard to believe, but I believed them.  I trust Niall.  Or at least, used to.  Did he know they were fake?"

"I don't think so, or he would've told you they were fake... the lad's trustworthy.  Wouldn't tell any of us a single lie if his life depended on it."

"Well, you at least could've told me, Lou... let me know before I tore myself apart over it..."

"I'm still trying to ward off the haters.  I'm getting a lot of hate and it's getting to me.  I'm a wreck." I motioned down the mess that was my state of being right now.

"I'm sorry, Lou.  I should've known, but I can't help but believe what Nialler says.  I can't believe I was such a fool..."

"Haz, please don't do this again... it's not your fault.  Let me see those hands."

I unwrapped one of his hands and couldn't believe what I was seeing.  I wasn't expecting this many...

(sorry it was so short... got a headache)


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