Best thing I ever Had

When Ellie Green gets to tour with One Direction for 3 months. She finds herself Falling for Harry and Harry Falling Back.........................


3. Snowhite and the 5 Popstars

I opened the door to find an empty living room. Which was disappointing but also quite relieving. What do I do? First thing's first, I put my bags down by the door. I had a good look around the room. It was beautiful but WAY too messy! There were packets of food everywhere and a huge stack of dirty dishes to be cleaned. Being the nice girl I am, I tidied the room for them.

I was in the middle of doing the dishes when I heared a boys voice behind me. My heart skipped a beat. I could recognise that voice from anywhere! I slowly turned around with the scrubbing brush and plate still in hand. I knew it! I nearly dropped what I was holding. The boy said it again "Oh My God! It's Snowhite!"

. It was Louis! I told myself not to scream and fangirl, but it was really hard not too. So I simply made myself say "Oh My God!" "Hi, I'm Louis. Nice to meet you........ Why are you cleaning our kitchen?" he asked shaking my Hand. "Honestly..." I started "I have no idea! I'm Ellie. I-I won the touring competition," Louis thought for a second. "Oh yeah! Welcome aboard Snowhite!" he smiled, giving me a huge hug. I just melted! "Wow! You smell of strawberries AND you are absolutely gorgeous Snowhite. Let me introduce you to the lads!" Louis yelled "Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall!" Flipping Hell! I was going to meet the other boys now! As if meeting JUST Louis was too overwhelming. Liam trailed down the stairs smiling. OMG! "Hi I'm Liam! You must be the contest winner!" "Liam, this is Snowhite....I mean Ellie!" Louis introduced me. I guessed that from now on Louis was just going to call me Snowhite! But I didn't care at the slightest! Liam hugged me gently. This was unreal.
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