Best thing I ever Had

When Ellie Green gets to tour with One Direction for 3 months. She finds herself Falling for Harry and Harry Falling Back.........................


2. Paul, Josh and Danny

I heard the honk of a vehicle from outside my house. I peeked out the curtains and saw a big black van with blacked-out windows. It was time! My ride to London was here! I could feel butterflies flutttering around in my tummy but I was way too excited to care! I grabbed my bags and ran to the door.

A tall, chunky man dressed head to toe in black was waiting to put my suitcases into the boot. I recognised him immediately as 1D's bodyguard Paul! He smiled at me and I felt like I was already in the presence of a celebrity. He let me into the van and sat there was Danny and Josh out of One Direction's band.

"Whoa!" Josh cried, his jaw dropping as I got into the van. "Wowzer!" Danny said seconds later. I had absoloutely no idea what they were staring at! "Knock it off lads!" Paul warned, as he sat back down. He gestured to the Chauffeur and we were off. But my conversation with Danny and Josh continued.

"Hi, What's your name?" Danny asked, looking at me strangely. I smiled at him. "Ellie," I replied, full of joy. "Nice to meet you Ellie. I'm Josh and this is Danny-" Josh started. " I know who you are!" I giggled.

Who'd knew that I, Ellie Green would be sat in a van with Paul, Josh and Danny from One Direction's crew? It was mind-blowing to think of the subject. But all I could think about was the five celebrities who were hopefully waiting for me in London.

Josh, Danny and I chatted some more while Paul sat quietly. I hope I seemed bubbly enough. I felt washed out. I lay awake all of last night thinking about the boys and how I'm going to try NOT to Fangirl when I meet them. It's gonna be hard but.........................


"Here we are Baby Doll!" Paul grinned. I looked out of the window to the house. The pool and everything looked bigger in real life than it did on my computer screen. The house was gorgeous! Fit for One Direction.

"Off you trot!" ordered Paul. I was kind of Confused. "But the boys don't know I'm here!" I replied. "Exactly. We want to scare them," Paul exclaimed. Seemed a bit mean But Hey, who was I to argue with the Best Bodyguard in the world?  By this time, I was shaking and my heart was thumping as I counted each beat.

10...I can't do this. 9...I'll lose my sanity. 8...But what if they hate me? 7...I really need them to like me. 6...And what if they love me? 5...That's not gonna happen! 4...Just keep cool! 3...Don't be obsessed! 2...Ok, getting really scared now! 1.....


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