I'm always here

To let you know that I'm always here... <3


2. whats happened so far...

I woke up one morning, the kettle was boiling and mum was reading the newspaper as usual, my brother was screaming wanting his breakfast made for him, that is my job, always. I waited for my bus with my friends, were just chatting as usual. I thought that that day was going to be a usual typical day, but i was wrong. So lessons were normal, but at break a boy at my school who i usually just said "hi" to actually came up to me, he started being quite friendly to me whilst my friends were giggling away, typical them! He said "Hey, was sup? um so I thought maybe we could meet up on Saturday?" He looked pretty nervous. "I'm really sorry I'm visiting family for the weekend" I replied with a guilty face. I could see that he was disappointed he just walked away,fast. I felt so guilty.


This might of been because of me, but he wasn't in school for the rest of the week.I got his number of his mate and rung him up, he wasn't answering until like the 50th of ringing "WHAT!" His mum shouted down the phone, she must of been annoyed of how many times I rung, so i said "Is Brad there?"There was awkward silence. "He..... He..... Hes busy at the moment but don't worry he'll be in tomorrow" It scared me how she sounded worried, i know i was. "Okay then." She hung up on me!

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