I'm always here

To let you know that I'm always here... <3


3. Whats going on...

So today, yet again he didn't turn up. Its now Tuesday, he's in i see him alone? i go up to him to see what the problem was, he was crying. He snapped and said "LISTEN!! i'm only gonna say this once, but i........i kinda like you so i was wondering if.......you know, wanna go out sometime?"  He started tearing up, so i  wiped away his tears and stared right into his blue eyes. He smiled and stroked my cheek. when 'RING RING' the school bell goes, time for lessons damn! "So?" he asked hopefully. i nodded and kissed his cheek. As i went of to lessons hand in hand, i felt something weird in my stomach. Suddenly Brads' friends walked up to us, Mark giving me evils, Brad just held me close. "What you doing with a slut like that?" Mark shouted. Jennie my mate called me over so i ran of too her slipping a note in brads pocket. 


Brad wasn't in today, mark and his friends were laughing. Jennie was trying to cheer me up but i was just sad and i was going to stay like that. When you got home you phoned Brad, his mum picked up. "H-hello" she sounded like she was going to cry. "hi is brad there?" i said worried as hell. "hes at st peters hospitals" i could hear sobs. I started to tear up, i hung up and raced to the hospital. I saw his mum crying, she saw me and said "i'll leave you two alone." Brad was lying in the bed with a black eye and broken arm. "WHAT HAPPENED!" i shouted whilst crying. "Its mark" He faintly said. I stayed with him until 9 pm holding his hand talking. I kissed him on the lips and left. just before i left a nurse came up and said "We understand what happened with brad and we just need to tell you that he broke a rib as well if he brakes it again it could puncher his lungs, so keep an eye on him please" I nodded and said "I'll do my best"

Its been about a week and hes back at school, I've been going round his house after school so i didn't miss him that much. Hes out of the sling now, we were on our way home going through the park, it was winter so it was starting to get dark, walking along the beautiful sunset. He took both my hands and stared deeply into my eyes "I love you, the sunset is beautiful,but you'd beat it any day" I blushed and said "you know that you haven't met my parents yet, meet them tonight" I pulled the puppy eyes and he just nodded, he looked nervous.

He dressed up formally and knocked at the door. We had a laugh round the table and then my dad said "don't hurt my daughter or there'll be trouble okay mister" Brad look scared he gulped "your daughter means the world to me, i'll love her forever" he muttered to me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

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