I'm always here

To let you know that I'm always here... <3


7. The press

Journalists were in today, interviewing my parents.After what seemed like ages the journalists left I heard my dad sit down on the chair the other side of the bed because Brad was occupying the other.My dad always used to read me the newspaper before I left home, because I was busy but had no time. within a day or two, I can't tell I can't sleep, There was an article in the paper reading;


The nurse said that if they jog my memory a little i'll wake up faster, but my memory is fine. Dad sat down next to me, Brad still holding my hand, he started reading. 'Emily just 18 has experienced a vile attack from Mark age 19. She lays in the hospital in a coma, lifeless. Family visit everyday wishing for her to get better....'

It went on for ages.The press would visit every month, I think, to update their newspapers about 'the girl that lies in a coma after attack.'

Brads' here, as always I swear that he sleeps here, anyway it was just him so he spoke "Emily I miss you, don't die I love you more than anyone can. Mark has been arrested for abuse, but that won't make anything better" He sounded so weak and shaky. I just wanted to wake up now and say "You need to drink and eat i'm okay so go sort yourself out" oh how I wish I could.

Months went by, about 2 or 3, I heard nurses shouting for help but not for me...


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