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4. The accident...

Ciara is my co-author and is gonna write the next chapter hope you like<3 xxxx 

I was walking Brad back home, because he didn't live far; It was dark and only one streetlight worked. We saw this black figure emerge out of the darkness and he was holding, what looked like a bat. "hello Brad and slut" It was Mark and his friends. Mark took a swing of the bat, about to hit me when Brad stood in front of me and took the hit "BRAD NO!" I was crying tears streaming down my face uncontrollably. All marks friends were beating the hell out of mark. I ran back to the house, mark saw me running and ran after me screaming my name. My parents heard the racket and opened the door, so i ran in breathless and crying, Mark was banging on the door. "its mark he found us and bet brad up, i'm okay just call the ambulance please" I screamed whilst my mum was hugging me, trying to comfort me.

I ran into the hospital where brad lay, i noticed that he wore his school blazer tonight. I wanted to smile at how cute that was but the sight of brad was terrible. He was on a breathing machine talking slow deep breaths. He tried to talk but the nurse said it'd be better if he didn't. I just sat there holding his hand crying. The doctor came in and said "i'm afraid he has had a puncher in his lung due to breaking his rib again, and for the rest of his life he will have great difficulty breathing, i'm really sorry but his life support will have to be turned of soon" His mum was on the other side of the bed crying. I had his blood-stained blazer on my lap. 

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