I'm always here

To let you know that I'm always here... <3


9. I love you...

Brad's P.O.V

Emily left the room to see her parents. I looked around my room and my eyes looked onto my blazer on the chair. There was something in the pocket, I picked it up to see a note:

There's only one I care for,
That only one is you,
I'd give my body, heart, and soul,
For a life with you.

I know that you've been hurt before,
And that you're locked up tight,
But open up your soul to me,
And I will make it right.

There's nothing that I wouldn't do,
To live my life right next to you,
If only I would have the chance,
To snap out of my enlonged trance.

These words are hard to say,
For one that is not true,
But I for one don't like to lie,
I swear that I love you,

I swear that I will stick by you,
Through good, or bad, or worse,
And that from this point on, 
I'll go without remorse.

My heart holds what my hand cannot,
My love for you is like a knot,
It twists and turns so many ways,
As it will till' end of days.

I love you Brad

I felt tears run down my cheek and then I closed my eyes and I couldn't open them. Suddenly I couldn't breath or move. I couldn't feel my toes or arms or anything and then my thoughts were gone. Is this the end for Brad? If only I could tell Emily that I love her one more time!

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