I'm always here

To let you know that I'm always here... <3


6. He's always here

The strange black figure shouting from the hallway ran upstairs, thinking I was there. Mark just laughed, I tried to scream but when I did mark raised his fist and let a great big punch go round my face. I cried but that made Mark and his friends hit me, kick me and grabbing me by the hair again and again. I held in the cries and cursed "You evil little toad you deserve to go to hell you-" I was interrupted by a big figure running in, with the police. The turned the light on and I let out a big cry. I couldn't see, everything was fuzzy through my wet eyes. I felt weird then everything went black.

I woke up, except I didn't really wake up; I couldn't move anything, I could only think to myself. I could hear everything around me, my parents were there, they were crying. around 10pm [I heard the nurse say the time to my parents as they left] But? I could still hear someone there, sobbing. "Why? Why? Its all my fault, I should have been there for you." It almost sounded like Brad. "I heard that people in comas can hear whats going on around them, if you can hear me I just want to say that I love you" He held my hand. It was Brad I could feel the warmth of his hand touching mine.

What a crazy day! First I thought my boyfriend was dead, get beat up and wake up in a coma with my boyfriend next to me.

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