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To let you know that I'm always here... <3



Hey guys it's Ciara!This my chapter and I hope you like this!<3


The ringing of the heart monitor was in my head as I emerged out of the hospital,Not bearing to see the horrible sight of the doctors trying to resuscitate Brad. All of the lamp post travelling down my street were flickering as I ran past them. I emerged through the door of my house realising that there was a mark on the lock,Someone was in here. Seeing as I live alone it's kind of scary,

"Hello?Who's in here?!"

The sound of footprints were approaching from behind the door-frame of the living room,

"Hello Emily"

The voice came from a black figure standing in the doorway. His voice was husky and low making a kind of spooky atmosphere. I switched on the hallway light to see Mark stood there with a smile planted on his face,


I ran into the living room and was going to push him out until he turned around and switched the lights of the living room on,

"So I see you have met my friends?"

Three dark figures emerged from the corners holding weapons, bats and crowbars.

"I told him he will pay"

"What do you want from me? I'll give you anything please just go!"

One of the figures brushed passed me and strolled into the hallway, Mark approached me and placed his cold hands on my face stroking my cheek with his thumb,

"Emily, Love you can't escape that easy"

The slam of the door sounded as one of the figures came back and sat down with the others,

"Please, Sit down we'll tell you everyt-"

He was interuppted by the slam of the front door,


His voice sounded farmliar almost like..like Brad?


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