Poem Place

Yeah, so, I want to do loads of Poetry but I want to do it without taking up loads of space. So, if you want a poem from me, it should be here, or you can request it. I will be doing a star poem page that I will change every now and then. I will ask permission before I put anyone elses poem up, though.

Enjoy :D


4. Queen - as requested by Crystal Books

Just a little not before we actually start...

When we were little,

We used fight and tittle(-tattle) - about the Queen.


Sometimes she was sat upon a elaborate golden throne,

Or a enchanted Fairy Queen sipping nectar from a cone.

Was she like the Queen Of Hearts, very protective of her jammy dough?

Or kind and sharing? I simply don't know!


But now I am aware that,

She is not is not visited breifly by a mice-catching cat.

She is a true inspiration to us all,

And she will never fall.


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